Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Daily Devotional: February 3

Week 2, Day 3, The Gospel According to Matthew, Chapter 8

Matthew chapter eight tells five stories about miracles Jesus performed. They range from healing the sick to calming a storm, but all are meant to show Christ’s dominion over all things.

Tucked in between two of these stories is a super weird story about “the cost of following Jesus.” Christ is getting into a boat to cross to the other side of the lake, because the crowds on the shore were getting too big. A “teacher of the Law,” as my translation calls him, comes out of the crowd and approaches Jesus to ask if He can be a follower. This man would have been part of the societal elite in those days. He was part of the group who was always trying to find fault with Jesus—to discredit His teachings. This teacher of the law had caught wind of something new. He had recognized the reality in front of him. He took a step in front of the crowd and asked Jesus if he could be a part of this new thing. 

Foxes have holes, I don't.

Following Jesus isn't like following other teachers. While a follower of Christ exhibits stillness and treasures solitude and silence as disciplines for growing in communion with God, following Jesus is tough, continual motion. 

Foxes have holes, I don't

While there is work to do, Jesus is working. To follow Him means complete devotion to this lifestyle. The teacher of the law probably didn't want to leave his job, home, and family and become a homeless follower of Jesus. 

Foxes have holes, I dont

Love of the world, of possessions, of status, is a love of the false promise of comfort. The foxholes of fabricated ease and comfort are difficult to dig ourselves out of, but once we do, we see home is found in the continual motion of following.

Spend some time searching your heart for foxholes. Where do you retreat to? Are you really willing to give it all up?

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