Monday, October 22, 2012

Why Are Christians Turning on their Own?

The other day I was talking with someone about the debates. As ludicrous as this blog post already is, stay with me. This person began disparaging President Obama and calling him names while describing his political ideology as "stupid."

I mentioned to this person, "at least he's a Christian," in order to appeal to common faith we share with Obama.

"Yeah, but not really," they said, "he's a fake Christian."

Excuse me?

Nothing infuriates me more than people questioning the faith of someone else, simply based on political affiliation. So, you don't agree with his tax code ideas or his health care plan...does that qualify you to pronounce his faith a lie? I know we are supposed to call our brothers and sisters out when they are in sin, or being hypocritical, but no one I know has that sort of relationship with the President. Instead, they just talk about him behind his back and are somehow OK with voting a mormon into the White House.

I know what you're thinking. It doesn't matter what faith Romney subscribes to, you should be voting for his policies. That's your prerogative. However, if you were one of the people who voted for Bush and talked about his faith as a reason to support him, you have some thinking to do. What changed in the past four years that made faith not an important criteria? For years the religious right has looked for Christians to get into office, but now faced with a choice between a Christian and a Mormon, they are changing their tune.

What policies of Obama's make him a "fake?" Is it his stance on abortion and gay marriage? When Bush was president, the congress and supreme court were both majority conservative, and the abortion law still wasn't changed. What makes you think bringing another republican into office will finally change that? I hate to say this, because I am extremely pro-life, but the abortion law will never be overturned. Ever. The only way to make abortions go away is to provide cheaper pre-natal care to impoverished young mothers who have no other option. Make adoption a widely-accepted option, take the stigma away from it, and you will see the numbers plummet. Organizations like BraveLove will do more to change the abortion number in this country than a simple administration change ever will. Think about what you can do to make abortions go down without legislation, because that's what being pro-life should really mean.

I'm not telling you to vote for Obama. I'm not telling you to vote solely based on your faith. What I am saying is that hypocrisy and judgement has no place in Christianity. When you believe that God loves you, has a plan for the world, and sent his son to die for them, you have an obligation to show that love to others. ESPECIALLY to other people who believe the same thing.

So before you vote, and before you blast me for supporting the President, watch this video.

Let's stop calling people "fakes."

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